Music communicating feeling

HELLO Music Family! This is the very first post on my Blog ever and I look forward to sharing my thoughts and listening to yours on this beautiful subject we call music.

I love the way that Music can communicate the way someone feels or is thinking at the time. It's funny, but I have a friend who sends me YouTube videos to communicate if she's feeling sad or happy. The videos are of different artists that either have the Title of the song that shows the way she is feeling or it contains lyrics that say how she's feeling.

When I first started to make music videos, I searched for videos I could edit that went along with either the title of my song or the feeling I wanted to convey. It's hard doing that for me because the videos are not my own content, so I had to search a long time to find them. Sometimes I would "hit the nail on the head" and other times I would just allow the audience to enjoy the vision and hope that they could get a certain feeling out of the vision I used in the music video.

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